Our Quality

we are the gold standard for quality


At M&E we believe that excellence in quality starts with fully understanding our customers’ requirements. We have experience working with many different customer specific quality systems. We are ISO 9001 compliant and plan to achieve ISO9001:2015 registration in January 2019.

“I know when I purchase from M&E there will be no quality issues.” 
— Senior Buyer with world leading Transmission Manufacturer
“M&E is the most reliable and cost effective machine shop we work with. If a job is within M&E’s capabilities, that’s where it goes.”
— Purchasing Manager


Customer Performance Indicators

Quality Performance: 0 ppm non-conformances at Customer in past 5+ years

Delivery Performance: 95% or better OTD to customers in past 5 years

Lead-time Performance: 5-10 business day order turnaround